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Fully seize every upcoming opportunity with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Machine Learning and Power platform by Tectura

Hong Kong – 21st March 2019. With the development of Greater Bay Area policy, the role of Hong Kong as international finance, transportation and trade centres as well as a global aviation hub will be strengthened as well as a lot of cross-border opportunities will be brought by the new infrastructure in mainland and the logistics between different provinces. To benefit from these valuable chances, an effective cross-border business management solution would be much more essential than ever. Tectura, one of the largest Asian provider of business consulting and solution in Hong Kong, organised a seminar – “Drive Transformation, Seamless Collaboration and Improve Operations in the New Digital Age with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AI and Power platform “on 21st March 2019. We shared the latest technology and information on how to use the advanced technology of Microsoft to elevate your company to the next level.

The speaker from Microsoft Hong Kong understood the hesitation of SMEs to digitalise their business. ‘We understand the hurdle of implementation, and our solution is to make the digital elevation to be seamless, no matter in software implementation, integration with third-party software or training. You will be amazed by our technological advancement and get excited for the convenience bringing to your business’, the speaker said and showed the development direction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 - providing a business-centric solution to simplify the data collection process and ultimately increase the efficiency and reduce the cost in the long run.

Streamlining the operation process and smoothing the consumer journey are the goals for every company. Mr. Carlos Lam, the Senior Business Solution Consultant of Tectura, outlined the functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by showing the dashboard to the audience. ‘Our intuitive interface can highlight all the key performance at once when you log in the system. Every user can even customise your dashboard based on his/her role. You can get the potential lead from the start and get all past engagements of your customers within few clicks’, Carlos shared.

Mr. Houston Ho, Manager, Client Services Manager of Tectura, briefly explained how Machine Learning could enhance efficiency and save the cost of the business operation. Forecasting is essential to every SMEs, especially for manufacturing and service industry. The rapid change of market leads a compelling need to have real-time forecasting in business. It is often time-consuming for staff to generate forecasts from a massive amount of data. The machine learning in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 can find the patterns in your business model and provide the analysis in a visual format. With the help of technology, real-time decision to optimise their resources would be possible which can apply on the master planning in supply chain system, stock management in retails, and risk management (or cash flow) in finance…etc.

Mr. Stephen Lam, Business Solution Consultant, Tectura Hong Kong, also demonstrated the power of the Power Platform, which combined Power Apps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI. We can use Power Apps to select the right model for your business data and then automate the data collection by Microsoft Flow. The Power BI will finally provide the tailor-made business insight and alert as you scheduled before. The Power platform has over 300 connectors to let you combine your solution for various functions, from the automatic response and data collection in marketing campaign to alert potential shipment issues when the inventory level is low. The ecosystem of Power Apps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI is just designed to boost your efficiency.

From the overwhelming response of the Q&A section, this seminar was no doubt a resounding success. The latest knowledge and information shared in this seminar made this event rewarding. With our substantial experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions in various industries, Tectura’s client will be benefited from our professional skills, in-depth knowledge and expand their business efficiently.


First Seminar in HK on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – a unified, efficient and easy-to-use solution for the digital era

HONG KONG - October 31, 2018, Many companies have their eyes on business opportunities brought about by the Greater Bay Area. Now, to grasp this opportunity, companies have achieve digital transformation, and increase competitive advantage. Tectura, one of the largest Asian provider of business consulting services providing sustainable value through consulting, software and IT implementation, organized a seminar entitled, “New, Modern Cloud Solutions with Expanded Analytics and AI Capability: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure Machine Learning” in Hong Kong. Tectura is the first Microsoft partner to host a seminar on the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution in Hong Kong and enjoys a first-mover advantage.

The speaker from Microsoft Hong Kong said, “The majority of the CEOs consider technology, such as social media, Internet of Things, as their first priority. It is the time to embrace technologies that change the way organizations manage operations, connect with customers.” He then put forward the product evolution of Microsoft Dynamics system and also illustrated the benefits of Microsoft’s next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is user-friendly and easy to use. It is a complete Dynamics NAV solution hosted in the cloud offering finance, operations, supply chain, sales and customer service capabilities. It is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that works seamlessly with other Microsoft cloud products including Microsoft Office 365, Power BI, PowerApps. SMEs can manage their business more flexibly,” Mr. Ricky Kong, Lead Business Solutions Architect of Tectura Hong Kong said

Mr. Houston Ho Manager of Client Services of Tectura explained the key concept of Machine Learning, how to transform data and ideas into Machine Learning models to perform analysis and predictions that is conducive to uncovering business insights to improve promotion and product development strategy.

The response to the seminar was very good. The seminar had a wonderful atmosphere that attendees had interactive discussions with the speakers. With our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics solutions and in-depth industry know-how, Tectura shall continue to provide professional IT consulting and project implementation services to help companies of different sizes to improve operational efficiency and stay ahead of the curve.


Tectura and Microsoft Empower Enterprises to Accelerate Digital Transformation

HONG KONG - May 30, 2018, “New business models and customer demands are changing the structure of nearly every industry. And at the center of this transformation is data,” senior management of Microsoft Greater China Region said at the seminar: Accelerate Digital Transformation and Boost Operation Efficiency with the Intelligent Microsoft Dynamics 365, organized by Tectura Hong Kong Ltd. He then shared Microsoft’s journey to digital transformation, which many organizations can make reference to Microsoft’s experience to expedite their path towards digital transformation and realize new opportunities for growth.

Mr. Kenneth Siu, AX Team Lead and Mr. Carr Ngai, Client Services, Lead of Cloud and Rapid Deployment of Tectura put forward the best practices and Microsoft’s latest technology to help enterprises to transform business processes and optimizing operations in this digital age with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, harnessing data from IoT platforms to deliver predictive and proactive customer service with Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and deliver billable projects on time and within budget with Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA).

Senior management and head of departments from various industries had interactive discussions with the speakers. They remarked that the event was an invaluable opportunity in learning how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can assist enterprises in digital transformation and stay ahead of their competitors.


Transform and Win in Digital Age: Intelligent Business Solution, ERP and CRM

HONG KONG - January 18, 2017, Over 130 people senior management and managers attended a seminar organized by Tectura Hong Kong Limited in Hong Kong - Achieving Business Transformation: 100% Cloud Adoption with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure.

Speakers from Microsoft Hong Kong introduced to the audience their latest, powerful, intelligent business solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365. He said, “Microsoft consistently makes great investments in developing and enhancing our solutions. Now, we are taking the first step to bring our customers best-of-breed, next generation, modern, enterprise-ready intelligent business solution.” Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a one cloud platform that unifies Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) that enable companies to easily integrate their business process workflow together.

Speaking of CRM, Mr. Carr Ngai, Client Services, Lead of Cloud and Rapid Deployment of Tectura, stressed that “Customer experience now matters more than ever.” He expounded on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help enterprises maximize business opportunities, provide exceptional customer experience, and grow the business in the digital era.

Many companies are now embarking on cloud technology, such as to host their ERP and CRM system on the cloud, for backup and storage, etc. Another speaker from Microsoft illustrated the powerful capabilities of Azure that can facilitate business continuity and disaster recovery, the mechanism and best practice of Microsoft Azure for backup and site recovery. Companies pay for only what is needed rather than maintaining their own capital-intensive IT infrastructure and therefore they can become more agile with efficient backup processes.

Many companies are thrilled to have come to the event because they thought that the event was illuminating, insightful and impressive. They expressed their keen interest in learning more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure can benefit their companies after the event. Most importantly, they thought Tectura is a good partner because Tectura has a close partnership with Microsoft, and a team of professional consultants who has unparalleled experience and the industry knowledge that they can work together and drive the success of projects.

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