Property Sales Management

Tectura’s Property Sales Management Solution is a proven, comprehensive and flexible add-on built on the best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 that automates the entire process of the sales of property and provide real-time sales insights to property developers.

Function and Features

  • Property Sales
    • Presales registration & balloting
    • Generate property sales screen for unit selection
    • Merge special units or carparks (e.g. combined flat, 2 floors flats)
    • Self-defined color indicator for unit selling status(e.g. available/sold/on-hold)
    • Sales price calculation engine Generate different external template per each property
    • Live Unit Consumption view for display to customers
    • Allow batch upload of Phases, Towers and Units data
  • Mail Merge Sales Contract
    • Flexible create sales contract by mail merge templates
    • Generate sales contract upon customer select and confirm the unit
    • Document / reports

Solution Highlights

  • Automated Sales Registration, Balloting and Unit Selection Processes
  • Allows migration of Sales Registration records between batches
  • Flexible naming of Property, Phase, Tower and Unit
  • Automated sales price calculation engine
  • Live view of Unit consumption during property sales
  • Allows integration with third party system through API, such as Property’s website
  • Modern User Interface with mobile App support (iOS, Android and Windows)

Property sales


Mail merge sales contract

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