End-to-end Retail ERP, CRM and POS Solutions for Furniture, Appliance and Electronics Retailers

Designed for retailers of furniture, appliances and electronics, Tectura’s solutions enable showroom retailers to integrate and connect their entire operations and empower salespeople with up-to-the-minute product promotion, availability and delivery information to enhance the customer experience.

Minimize inventory and reduce overhead with real-time analysis of how collections or pieces are selling, more accurate visibility to inventory levels and relevant promotions to existing customers.  Tectura’s solutions create actionable business intelligence for retailers, ultimately increasing profitable customer opportunities.

Tailored to help you manage your entire operations, from POS to warehouse management, and built on Microsoft Dynamics, Tectura’s solutions enable you to:

  • Exceed customer expectations and drive stronger sales
  • Simplify management of delivery, upsell and taxation
  • Close the information loop on the complete retail cycle
  • Improve warehouse management and reduce warehouse costs
  • Improve customer service and boost customer loyalty

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