Tectura Trading Solution on Microsoft Dynamics NAV - TradEasy

Tectura delivers TradEasy on Dynamics NAV to simplify Trading operations and management analysis.

It is an ERP add-on module designed for the Trading industry. It is delivered by Tectura and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing a trading business model from product life cycle maintenance, documentation centralization, merchandising, letter of credit handling and shipping to invoicing.

TradEasy is tailor made for companies that require sourcing, indent trading, import and export, OEM product, manufacturing with subcontracting and keeping no inventory.

Our Service Level Agreement

Response Procedures:

  1. Customers can submit user inquiries via telephone, email or fax. Assistance is provided by telephone. Our designated support consultant will collect the information for the incident and classify severity of the incident.

  2. The relevant consultant will provide response and resolution instructions to logged incidents based on the severity set out in the following section.


Support Service Levels:



Initial Response Time


Critical Application down situation severely impacting customer’s production and/or profitability.

Within 2 hours


High-impacted problem where production is proceeding, but in a significantly impaired fashion.

Within 8 hours


Important issue which does not have significant current productivity impact for the customer.

Within 24 hours


Require development of an add-on solution and likely to be out-of-scope of the current project with TECTURA. Features of the add-on solution will likely benefit Long Term operations.

To be reviewed with customer’s designated project manager for confirmation


Support Life-Cycle:

Applicable versions:

  • Dynamics NAV 2015 W1 (Build: 39663)
  • Tectura will provide support at a minimum of two years



Q: What are the major functionality from Tradeasy?
A: Product card management, with different trading parameters including landed cost calculation.
    End-to-End trading process, with auto creation, receipt of purchase orders.
    Option to create shipment manager for multiple sales orders capturing shipping information.

Q: Do we need to buy any additional NAV objects after purchasing Tradeasy?
A: No additional objects required, additional objects are part of our add-on already.

Q: What is the annual software maintenance % of Tradeasy?
A: It is 16% of Tradeasy list price.

Q: After purchasing the Tradeasy, if i have questions or further enhancement requirement, what should we do?
A: You can contact our company at (852) 2111-0218 for any enquiry. Our consultant will provide you feedback as soon as possible to handle your requests.


Support & escalation contacts

Email: HK.NavSupport@Tectura.com
Phone: (852) 2111 0218
Fax: (852) 2111 0220

Escalation contact (name, e-mail, and phone)

Name: Rajesh Shimpi
Email: Rajesh.Shimpi@Tectura.com
Phone: (852) 2111 0220

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