Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations across self and assisted support with empowered agents that deliver personalized experiences:

  • Engage with customers on any channel or device- enable end-to-end customer service engagements across self and assisted service channels
    • Create effortless support experiences
    • Leverage artificial intelligence through virtual agents
    • Resolve issues with predictive care
  • Record all interactions related to a case- unified knowledge provides a single source of truth across channels and line of businesses
    • Learn from your customers
    • Turn insights into action
    • Speed onboarding and adoption
  • Create and track service levels through service level agreements (SLAs)- help get timely alerts on your team’s issues while providing support
    • Guide agents to optimal outcomes
    • Personalize service with a complete customer view
    • Empower agents with artificial intelligence
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform- empower organizations with the information needed to provide proactive care, and to predict and preempt the need for service
    • Adapt quickly
    • Unify your service environment
    • Drive innovation

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