Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is an intelligent solution that empowers your sales, service and marketing professionals, and management to nurture and track sales pipeline from leads to closing of deals, to build customer trust, loyalty, and insight to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With strong industry know-how and deep experience in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, Tectura can help you deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales effectively to assist you to track sales pipeline, generate more revenue, and work more efficiently and successfully:

  • Sell smarter with infused artificial intelligence– provide sellers with actionable insights on customer relationship to identify the right priorities and drive personal engagement
    • Know the next best step
    • Optimize email engagement
    • Keep a pulse on social trends

  • Foster relationships with authentic and personal engagement - unify the sales experience around relationships with insights that enable sellers to deliver the attentive engagement that today’s buyers demand
    • Put buyers first with relationship selling
    • Engage buyers with social media
    • Deliver personalized content
  • Boost productivity and increase revenue by integrating best practices– automate sales processes to increase revenue, and boost productivity
    • Provide intelligent guidance
    • Simplify sales execution
    • Stay informed
    • Sell anytime, anywhere
    • Connect with your partners
  • Accelerate sales performance throughout the entire sales cycle- accelerate sales performance with real-time analytics and create a culture that nurtures success
    • Shorten ramp up time
    • Increase sales effectiveness
    • Motivate your sellers
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform– empower to collaborate across geographies, connect key parts of business, anticipate and respond to customer needs in real-time
    • Adapt quickly
    • Extend and connect
    • Drive innovation

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